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Song review: Mono No Aware (William Basinski)
Nov 2, 2020: William Basinski is at his best in this remarkable soundscape from 'Selva Oscura'.

Album review: Riceboy Sleeps (by Jónsi and Alex)
Nov 2, 2020: I wanted to write about why this album is so important to me.

Album review: Lost and Found (by Jónsi and Alex)
Nov 2, 2020: Some thoughts on why this is my absolute favorite album of all time.

Migrating Debian Buster from iptables to nftables
Jun 10, 2020: Debian is making the change in the next major release. If you want to get ahead and migrate on your own schedule, follow these steps.

Using Apache RewriteMap to handle redirects for WordPress multisite
Jun 5, 2020: Speed up your server by eliminating WordPress redirection plugins.

Solving the mystery of Xigmanas Samba file permissions on ZFS
Feb 3, 2020: Years in the making and I've finally figured it out. Now time to share with others.

Batch processing video files with Avidemux
Jan 17, 2020: Here's how to convert multiple video files at once.

Disable Apache 2.4 directory listings
Dec 12, 2019: Disable them for real-realz.

Proud of my 35KB homepage
Nov 24, 2019: It's as bare-bones as it's gonna get.

Fixing slow FTP download speeds
Nov 23, 2019: Here's how to correct slow download speeds on Linux clients.

Website changes
Nov 17, 2019: Some adjustments I've made to this site.

Comparing the compiling times of a large application between a 4-core Core i5-4670 and a 32-core dual socket Xeon E5-2670
Oct 16, 2019: Will an upgrade to Ryzen be worth it?

Give me the command prompt, or give me death!
Jun 25, 2019: It bears repeating.

Apache performance benchmarks
Jun 23, 2019: Performance data for two different Apache engines.

Crappy DisplayPort cables wasted six months of my life
Jan 30, 2019: A short tale of mystery and intrigue. My computer started rebooting during POST, and it took me 6 months to figure out why.

Replacing the blue LEDs on a Das Keyboard 4 Professional with red LEDs
Jul 30, 2017: Swap the blindingly-bright blue LEDs on a Das Keyboard 4 Professional with red LEDs that are a better match for the keyboard's style and your retinas.

Installing Salt on Debian servers
Apr 21, 2016: See how you can save time managing many servers using SaltStack.

Deploying WordPress content changes using WP CLI
Mar 31, 2016: Use WP CLI to deploy hundreds of WordPress content changes to a production environment.

Scarlett 2i2 USB DAC and Debian 8
Jan 14, 2016: Removing PulseAudio is key to getting your Scarlett 2i2 USB DAC working smoothly in Linux.

How to upgrade your web server from Debian 7 Wheezy to Debian 8 Jessie
Dec 18, 2015: There are some things to know about during the upgrade. Here is my process and my notes on upgrading Debian 7 systems to Debian 8.

How to automate moving WordPress custom field values into taxonomy selections
Jul 30, 2015: Here's how I migrated hundreds of custom field values to taxonomy tags using wp cli.

How to migrate a standalone WordPress site into a multisite network
Jul 1, 2015: It's actually more straightforward than you think to migrate a standalone WordPress site into an existing multisite network.

Improve your online privacy by automatically deleting cookies
May 16, 2015: The web is a nicer place without remarketing ads.

gmfw WordPress theme
Apr 15, 2015: A simple WordPress theme adapted from MFW and BMFW.

Fix erratic touchpad on Dell E7240 laptop with Linux
Feb 14, 2015: Here's how I fixed an issue I was having with the trackpad on my Dell E7240 laptop.

RAID 1D (Mirroring with delay)
Nov 20, 2014: A formalized overview of a filesystem protection scheme that I use to safeguard the data on my personal systems.

Structured content
Aug 2, 2014: If you can do only one thing to ensure that your site architecture is sound, read up on this post about structured content.

Minecraft soundtrack
Nov 20, 2012: Some music I like to listen to when playing Minecraft.

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