Proud of my 35KB homepage

I build graphically rich and complex multilingual websites for a living. But my true tastes, let it be known, are always within the plain web.

I’ve always been a fan of MFW. Well, actually, I’m a fan of BMFW, but MFW was the one that really got my attention. I even made a WordPress theme for it.

A few days ago, I stripped out all tracking code BS from this site. And over the weekend, on a whim, I stripped out all CSS and columnar layout and responsive junk from my site. It’s now just pure, syntactical HTML, the way the web gods intended. And I fucking love it.

And, I’ve gotta say, I’m proud that my two-call, 35 KB homepage beats Google at their own game. Check out these Lighthouse scores:

A lighthouse report showing getting scores of 100, 100, 93, and 100 in Google's lighthouse report.

Download the Lighthouse report

This site gets a 93/100 for best practices because it’s not serving the site using HTTP/2. There’s no benefit to serving the site over HTTP/2, so I’ll just have to be content with missing a perfect mark there by just a sliver.

BTW: TTFB 146ms, onload 347ms, and fully loaded 373ms, sucka!

A lighthouse report showing getting scores of 92, 86, 93, and 83 in Google's lighthouse report.

Download the Lighthouse report

Google, shockingly, is missing marks in accessibility of all places! Color contrast of links was one of the issues. Boo-hoo.

In a web world where people are constantly barraged with trackers and scripts and ads and autoplaying videos and affiliate links and cookie notices and more, I’m glad to make a little site that has none of that crap. Sure, not many people see it, and sure I’m not running a homepage as complex as Google’s, but… this exercise was a lot of fun. I’m proud of what I’ve built, and how clean and simple you can still make a site today in 2019 with just plain HTML and a few lines of CSS. That’s the true web.

Most importantly, I’m happy with this site in the new way that it is. And Jekyll rocks, too.

I’m happy with my motherfucking website.